“The city is not a problem, but a solution…a focal point of human energy, ingenuity, and creativity.”

Richard Florida

Olivia McMahon (MGM, PMP)

Development Manager

As a seasoned Development Manager with a comprehensive background spanning market and non-profit development, Olivia offers a unique blend of skills and expertise to the non-profit development and planning sector. With five years of hands-on experience in real estate development, she specializes in identifying lucrative opportunities, managing the entire project lifecycle, and ensuring successful project delivery by leveraging a strategic mindset, understanding of market trends, and planning policy. Prior to her immersion in real estate, she managed community development projects abroad, providing her with experience in navigating diverse cultural landscapes and collaborating with multiple partners. Rooted in an educational background of Business, Project Management, and International Development, she applies a holistic approach to creating sustainable, vibrant communities and is poised to contribute meaningfully to both the financial success of projects and the social fabric of the communities in which we live.