Christ Church Cathedral Precinct Master Plan: Phase One

Cathedral Precinct


Victoria, BC


A three phased Master Plan to renovate and enhance Christ Church Cathedral, design and build a new Christ Church Cathedral School, build community partnerships and develop the Precinct’s capacity, growth and evolution into the middle of the 21st Century.The process has been informed by the Cathedral’s Aspirational Statements, the School’s Strategic Framework, community and development input that aligns with the Aspirational Statements, and the City of Victoria community principles and planning objectives. Phase One of the Master Plan included extensive Cathedral and School stakeholder sessions, developing a vision for the Plan, establishing a baseline functional program, understanding the municipal planning context, understanding the challenges to growth and innovation on site, buildings analysis and early concept development, introducing community development partnerships, preliminary costing and funding and financing plans. Phase Two includes a Project Charter, further stakeholder engagement, site due diligence, building and site design, rezoning and development permit submissions, partnership confirmation and financial planning. Phase Three will be detailed design, construction and occupancy.


• A comprehensive guide for the strategic development of the three internal Cathedral stakeholders – the Synod office of the Anglican Diocese of the Island and Inlets, Christ Church Cathedral School, and the Christ Church Cathedral.
• Integrate the Precinct planning with the long- term objectives and goals of the City of Victoria.
• Variety of public and private funding including City of Victoria Cultural Grant, Civic Heritage Trust, and the Vancity Community Foundation
• Phase One Report:

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